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Jan 17, 2012
Tips for Riding in SD
01/17/2012 10:06 AM (Tips)

What do you, as a local/resident rider in SD, want to share with visitors who come to SD to ride?
  1. Watch for deer at dusk/dark. Be extra careful in the Hills riding the curves. It’s so beautiful that it’s hard to keep your eyes on the road.
  2. There are some very nice roads to ride on and that there is very beautiful country to look at.
  3. Recently I discovered the Mobridge/Bismarck 1806/1804 round trip! What a ride! I think there are a ton of these types of routes in this state that usually only the locals know about.
  4. Regardless of what you may hear, there is a great variety of riding conditions in South Dakota. There are long straight roads, curvy canyons and the beauty of the Badlands. Weather conditions are predictable for the most part and riding in South Dakota is just plain fun.